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How can TitlePage Downloads help me?

Downloads can save you considerable time – and therefore money – in two ways:

  1. You can update your database each month with all the New Release titles provided by publishers via single file from a single site, rather than having to load each publisher's files one-by-one.
  2. When you want to expand/update your database by obtaining all the titles that meet your particular search criteria, you can do this quickly and easily by creating a customised extract from the database.
  3. Populate your website with up to date title information.

What types of title downloads are available?

Two types of downloads will be available:

  1. Pre-built files: New Releases and special offer files.
  2. Build-your-own files: Tailor-made extracts that you create yourself using easy-to-use menus that allow you to define your selection based on any or all of the following criteria: Subject, Imprint, Publisher, Local Agent, Distributor, Publication Date range, Series and Availability.

How do I download title information?

Once your account has been activated you can choose between the following three options to download and view title information:

- Pre-built files
- Build-your-own files
- Manage your files

Pre-built files

TitlePage Plus allows you to download new release and special offer files which are packaged by publishers. You can search by publisher or month or both.

To make downloading easier you can either select all files your search has returned or click on only those files you wish to download.

Build-your-own files

Creating your own tailor-made data extracts is simple. Using easy-to-use menus you can define your selection rules. Select your choices in one or more of the fields and a customised extract will be created for you which can then be downloaded into your own database.

Depending on your TitlePage Plus package you can choose from Basic or Detailed extracts.

Manage your files

You can select all to delete all – or select one by one to delete individually. Or select Edit extract to modify your original selection.

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